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Romantic vintage style for your home

Romantic vintage style for your home

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Country Cottage Chicken Coop or Resort

My philosophy for everything, chicken coop including, is I want to love it.  And I couldn't be happier with how this adorable little home for my children's chicken turned out (yes chicken, we will get more in the spring so that can be plural).  The inspiration for this gorgeous house was found online when I was looking at photos of chicken coops hoping to find a plan online that was doable by a crafty yet not "carpenterish" lady (ME, and of course my Zach and couple buddies helped too).  This chicken coop is safe from the rascally possums and bird loving dogs that might be tempted to break into something weaker.  The shingles protect our little bird from the elements and the style help to enhance our yard, not diminish the looks of it.  Whether it be a pool toy box (which I have also done) or a chicken coop, I want it to reflect our family's style, which this adorable home has.  I hope this inspires you as I was inspired by the initial one I found online.

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  1. Oh so pretty .. my chucks would love this !