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Romantic vintage style for your home

Romantic vintage style for your home

Monday, January 31, 2011

Planning a Wedding? --- Shabby Chic French Chic Wedding Ideas

This post was brought on by a lovely client of mine who so wonderfully incorporated several Shabby Chic and French Chic pieces from my work into her lovely most important of days.  Thank you Krishann for the inspiration to this post.

In planning a garden wedding she had hors-de-vours served upon lovely Shabby Chic/Paris Chic refinished Pale Grey and Cottage White Vintage Trays to add a touch of elegance, personalization and no rental fee (but a wedding gift for herself) to their garden wedding.  After perusing through a few books/magazines/internet Krishann asked me to locate for her a bench, rustic and imperfect but with all the charm of a Shabby Chic piece to have her friends and family sign their names and memos on as a guest book that could be displayed in her garden/house/yard after the big day (rather then a book that we tend to tuck away with our dress).

Another fabulous idea is to have a lovely fabric covered corkboard (which can always be customized to the theme of your choice) in whatever size you need as either a place to hold each persons place cards with lovely pearl pins or where your guest can pin their lovely wedding wishes or greeting cards that they are bringing you on your big day.  Alternately you could use this as a lovely backdrop to pin up some of your favorite photos of you and your fiance for your guests to enjoy as they come in to sign your bench.  This piece is sure to find a place in your home after your special day.

Adorn an outdoor gazebo or tree with the candlelit chandelier idea I did in an earlier post.

Think about what you want in your garden or home after the wedding is over and treat yourself to a wedding filled with your style and things you love that you get to keep after and not turn back in (they will probably fall pretty closely in the same price range)!

Just a few ideas to get you started, let me know if you need more. :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Master Bedroom Re do ~ a Shabby Chic Retreat for Us

It's not the newest idea out there to turn a vintage or antique dresser or sideboard into a vanity (bathroom sink cabinet) but usually when I've seen them done people have been a little too scared to go big.  They are sticking to subtly lined almost mimicking the look of Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn Pieces.  Don't get me wrong, those are totally beautiful - but be different, be you, be what you love!

Obviously I love French Provincial so of course my amazing Zach and I took it on!  Using a very very large and heavy vintage (almost antique) French Provincial dresser that has 3 drawers on either side with a set of cabinets in the middle, we refinished the piece where needed (because that is what we do) and using a fabulous cottage white sink template dropped in a new sink and installed an amazing new antique bronze finished fountain type faucet in the back.  We gutted the center of the dresser for all the plumbing and what we call a Hardwood Saver/leak catcher because we've had our fair share of water damage in the past.  The top right and left drawers are completey usuable as well as both the bottoms.  The middles had to have a side removed, but none the less the peice still has ample storage for what we need in a vanity sink.  With this most amazing piece set up on it's beautiful curvy legs it is definately not your run of the Mill Master Vanity and we love it (and are obviously proud that we did it ourselves- sometimes the best part of a project).  Don't forget about the amazing French Provincial curvy atypcial  mirror that I refinished to be our bathroom mirror to make it feel like a getaway everyday.

As if that wasn't enough we just got finished ordering some semi affordable vintage looking hardwood floor planks to fill our master bed and bath with the hardwood we wanted (yes we are taking a break and having someone install this for us).  That got us thinking.  What good is it to have a beautiful Shabby Chic French Retreat, Bathroom Vanity, Mirror, etc.. when the closets across from it all are less than to be desired sooooo we redid our closets.  Not being a fan of the particle board that god forbid you mess up one time in drilling can crumble, we picked up several pieces of about 1/3" wood planks from Lowe's and made our closets = so excited and once again so rewarding.

Once it's all said and done and painted, of course I'll post pics but in the meantime I just wanted to get you thinking about yourself in case you hadn't lately.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Favorite Shabby Chic Christmas Gifts - an idea for you

Sometimes I can share and idea with you and sometimes I get an idea from someone else...this one comes from someone else.

One of my very best girlfriends and fellow junker/anitquer, Danyelle, gave me the most amazing Christmas present this year.  Using a milk glass gorgeous vintage urn she had picked up in our day trips, filling it with green floral foam, patiently carved to shape as a cone shaped topiary then soaked in water, she patiently and I'm sure methodically filled it with my very own petite sized Shabby Chic floral tree comprised of lovely white and off white carnations, roses and Christmas burgandy muted berries.  I'm kicking myself for not taking a photo of it because it was truly gorgeous, thoughtful and one of my top 2 favorite Christmas gifts of all time I could say - thank you Danyelle! :)  As if that wasn't enough, she made an adorable gift tag to go along with it - a standard tag with the appearance to have been soaked in tea and then baked and later adorned with a white felt Christmas dove and white Christmas wreath sticker.  Every bit of thought and effort she put into this gift was so right up my alley and I just loved it!

My second most favorite gift came from my extremely talented brother in law who is a PHD student by day (as if that wasn't enough) and an artist by extra time.  As his gift to the kids on our Christmas Eve dinne (because it wasn't enought that they had already completely spoiled them with toys and books) and more of a treat for me, he handmade the most amazing picks I've ever seen.  Picture the perfect Rudolph (from your childhood), Angel, Santa (with plump cheeks just like the illustrations from The Night Before Christmas Golden Book I grew up with), Nutcracker and Christmas tree - handdrawn/sketched and then beautifully colored to bring to the perfect life.  He and my sister then decided to take the original art and color copy enough for all the cupcakes, cut out and double side position them on toothpicks = patience, talent and love.  Obviously the kids adored the picks and the cupcakes with the delicious handmade frosting my sister made.  I washed them off the best I could to preserve and use again and again for an original and most amazing Christmas decoration - thank you Steph and Matt for all the time these must have taken.  We love them so much!

From my family to yours we hope everyone had a lovely holiday season with their families and recd. wonderful gifts from the heart like we were so lucky to get.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Baby Blanket - Not to be forgotten - For When Your Baby Grows Up

Granted, my babies are still babies in my and my husband's eyes but far gone from their cribs and baby blankets.  For awhile I had hoped to take up sewing but among other life goals was worried I might not have a moment to get to it anytime soon.  With that, I comissioned a good friend of mine to put my kids baby blankets to continual use.  I asked her to sew them all together to make an appox. twin sized blanket for their bed so that they could cuddle with their favorite blankies and we didn't need to just tuck them away while they were still fond of them, as am I.  And the result, they turned out soooo beautiful and are the coziest most sentimental blankets we have in our home.  All 3 of our kids are enjoying their new quilts made exclusively from their stitched together baby blankets.  For my girls we had the valance from their nursery sew around the edges which give it an amazing finishing touch - since they now of course have a big girl Princess Shabby Chic Room.

Just an idea to get you thinking to do something special with yours.

My baby blanket recipients:
Ali 4
Kennedy 4
Will 5
...and they all love them!