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Romantic vintage style for your home

Romantic vintage style for your home

Sunday, December 5, 2010

What is a Custom Order with Shabby Chic Fairytale?

There has been a little bit of a slow in me posting new items to the site because I've had a lot of custom orders lately, however I know that many of my readers may not know what a custom order with Shabby Chic Fairytale entails or that it is even possible - so let me clarify.

A custom order with us does not cost you anymore than you would pay for an item that may already be for sale on the site (I do not mark up this at all).  What  a custom order ensures is the following: first off that you don't have to check back everyday to see if I have posted something new that you may be wanting.  I do the piece strictly for you and it is is not made available for sale to the rest of my client base.  A custom order also enables you in having me refinish the item of your choosing in which ever finish and color you are desiring (you are not limited to just the finishes you see on my site) - if there is a color code, I can do it!

How our custom order process works: so that my time and searching is not all for not I require a commitment from you.  A 20% deposit of the guesstimated final price of the piece (as we will not know the final price of the piece til we find the piece) or a $25.00 minimum.  This payment amount goes toward the final price of the piece.  Once I find a piece that I believe will work for what you are looking for or have in mind, I email you approval pics of the piece in its before state along with is final refinished price for your approval.  Prior to me purchasing the piece to refinish for you, I require a 40% deposit of the final price of the piece which again goes toward the final price of the piece.  Once I have refinished the piece to your color and distressing/antiquing specifications, I send along final approval pics.  At that time you are billed the remainder balance of 50%.

Custom orders are about 80% of my business and I love doing them for my clients.  Always ask me if there is something special you are looking for that you have your heart set on, as I'd love to do it for you.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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