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Romantic vintage style for your home

Romantic vintage style for your home

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holiday Greeting Card Display Idea

During the holiday months we love to check our mailbox to see what lovely greetings we've received from our family and friends - but how can you set them out for a display without cluttering your tables or counters?  I've got 2 ideas for you that are very easy to replicate or feel free to contact me for details if you need me to refinish one specifically for your decor.

1.) Using an old shutter or petite set of shutters (assuming they already have the paint finish or look you like) install a picture mounting kit on the back for hanging on a wall of your choosing within your home or office.  Don't remove any of the hardware as it just adds to the Shabby Chic charm of the piece.  The slots in between each layer make a lovely way to slide your greeting cards or kids seasonal school projects in for enjoying all month long. (Later in the day I will post a pic for a visual demonstration of this.)

2.) Using a beautiful empty frame, frame it out with some chicken wire (once again you can refinish this to match your decor year round and send me an email with this request) and purchase some neutral color clothes pins.  Attaching the holiday cards, seasonal school work or memories sparatically across the chicken wired frame will be a clever and no fuss way to display these special cards/memories/etc...
See the pic as a past one I've done for a client.

Happy Fall!

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